MOVE! How Women Can Achieve Athletic Goals At Any Age

MOVE! How Women Can Achieve Athletic Goals At Any Age is a simple method of goal achievement, that can help you reach athletic goals you never thought possible. You can also use it to reach professional and personal goals as well. MOVE! helps you:

• prepare for goals
• set goals
• manage goals
• assess goals
• identify when it’s time to set new goals.

Stories from women of all ages in all sports from beginners to elite athletes help you recognize your doubts, overcome them, and inspire you to find your own passions. The MOVE! method includes practical, flexible forms you can apply to your own interests and circumstances. This book will help you amaze yourself!

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“MOVE! captures the needs and desires of all women who want to improve, make changes, and succeed. Cathy has supplied the secret on how to do it. Amazing!”
– Alison Foley, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Boston College

“Even if you have a disability or were never an athlete, you can use MOVE! for any physical goal. I achieved walking and biking goals I never expected.”
– Nancy Schuder, recreational walker, biker

“I have experienced first hand the benefits of MOVE! for athletics
and beyond and have become a huge believer in her goal setting
and buddy systems. Knowing you are accountable to someone
beside yourself, who is also your cheerleader and will listen when
the frustration hits is comforting and helps you to keep MOVING
towards your goals.”
– Carmel Papworth-Barnum, World Masters Athletics Track and
Field Medalist, Founder

$16.99/paperback/266 pages
Author: Catharine Utzschneider, Ed.D.

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Gwendolyn Goes Hollywood

Gwendolyn Goes Hollywood packs plenty of fun and adventure when the world’s two danciest pigs, Gwendolyn and Omar, go Hollywood. What happens when Roger Thunderbluster, the greatest movie producer in the world, asks Natasha Levertov, the greatest dance teacher in ze vorld, to help make Gwendolyn and Omar stars? Will the movie be a hit? Can the two pigs really dance and sing. Can’t wait to find out? All the laughs are inside, so go right in. Next stop – Hollywood!

The second in the popular Gwendolyn series carries Gwendolyn, Omar and Natasha from the ballet stage to the Hollywood stage. From ballet recitals to musicals. The illustrations and text are charming and funny. It’s a book that’s sure to rocket to No. 1 in your children’s hearts.

$16.99 / Picture Book / Hard Cover / 8.5 x 11
40 Pages / Ages 3-8
Author – David Ira Rottenberg
Illustrator – Lesley Anderson

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Internet Marketing for Magazine Publishers

Internet MarketingInternet Marketing for Magazine Publishers provides the techniques that every publisher, large or small, can use to get to know the audience, locate the audience, speak to the audience, and market to the audience. It shows how to bring people to your site, and what to do with them when they get there. It discusses how to structure your business around the internet, how to analyze your traffic, and how to monetize your site.Internet Marketing for Publishers is the essential handbook for anyone looking to market print and online content. A Cedar Crest Book / 106 pages / List Price $29.95.

“The must read book for magazine publishers wishing to understand the world of marketing!”
—Donna Murphy, Creative Director of La Vie Claire magazine

“A smart practical framework for getting the job done when marketing your magazine online.”
—Janice Fellegara, Circulation Marketing & Planning Director, The New York Review of Books

“Just when you thought business books were all the same, along comes Internet Marketing with some genuinely fresh ideas and new perspectives on how to sell in an increasingly competitive world.”
—Gloria Jacobs, Executive Director of the Feminist Press at CUNY

$29.95/paperback/106 pages
Author: Linda Ruth

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