How to Market Your Newsstand Magazine: Tactics, Tips and Case Histories

NewsstandCoverHow to Market Your Newsstand Magazine provides insights from one of the top magazine marketing consultants in the world on the ins and outs of an often perplexing world — the world of newstand sales. With her trademark clarity and wit, Linda Ruth makes the complex simple and the problematic manageable. Read this book and visit her Newsstand Made Manageable blog at A Cedar Crest Book / 103 pages / List Price $29.95.

“This book will provide you with all the tools and insights you need to be successful on the newsstand — plus it’s fun to read.”
—Catherine Lee, Founder/CEO, Discover Girls magazine

“Both enormously entertaining and completely practical. How to Market Your Newsstand Magazine is that rarity — a book that can be used for both instruction and enjoyment.”
—Kevin Regan, Senior Planning Manager, Amex Publishing

“This book is insightful for magazine publishers trying to understand the often-arcane world of newsstand sales.”
—Matt York, Editor/Publisher,

$29.95/paperback/103 pages
Author: Linda Ruth

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