Outside the Edges

OUTSIDE THE EDGES is about two fifteen year old buddies, looking for girls. A time-honored pursuit fraught with humor, anxiety and always the hope that the perfect girl is right around the corner—a girl who will save you the embarrassment and trauma of trying to meet her by smiling and saying, “Hey,” as soon as she sees you (yeah, right).

OUTSIDE THE EDGES is about friends, girlfriends, grades, sex, school, popularity and parents—not necessarily in that order.

It’s a funny book because it rings true.

If you’re looking for dystopian worlds, vampires and big-eared, lizard-skinned aliens, don’t look here.

It’s a guys’ book about guys, but if you’re a girl who’s ever wondered, “What are they thinking?” reading this book is your chance. Don’t miss it!

268 pages
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