Secrets of SEO for Publishers


Secrets of SEO for Publishers reveals time-tested approaches to Search Engine Optimization along with the most current thinking in the field. It covers the range from site structure and keyword research through internal and external linking strategies to social and mobile media. It includes tactics and strategies, case studies and tips. A good cover-to-cover read, it is also a handy reference tool for anyone wanting to learn the secrets of SEO. A Cedar Crest Book / 126 pages / List Price $29.95.

“If you want to know the ins and outs of SEO–and who doesn’t?–this is the book for you. Clear and sequential, it ranges from the basics to advanced techniques, covering the range of SEO and clearing up some misconceptions on the way, as only Linda Ruth can in her own inimitable style.”
—Sherin Pierce, Publisher, Vice President, The Old Farmer’s Almanac

“Structure around tips and case studies, each page in SEO for Publishers contains a good take-away. Recommended reading!”
—Lou Sabatier, Sabatier Consulting LLC

“Linda Ruth makes SEO understandable to anyone. Her writing style is clear and easy to read, and her mastery of the subject shines through as she walks you through the steps needed to take your sire from invisible to brightly shining to search engines.”
—Thea Selby, Principal, Next Steps Media

$29.95/paperback/106 pages
Author: Linda Ruth

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